Can’t Stand The Heat?

Can’t Stand The Heat?

So lets go back to the 1970s!  An era that’s been revived time and time again on the 21st century catwalk, 1970s fashion was bold and overstated at its best.  Flares, platforms, fringing and suede dominated the era with pop icons aplenty making huge waves in the style world.  It’s safe to say the seventies’ style was a stark contrast from the 1980s fashion that followed it.  So, how do we put a modern twist on that iconic period?  We need a hot girl right?

Well, in this brand new high definition video feature, Miss Kelly fits the bill a treat.  Wearing her hair up and rocking a beautiful outfit, Rebecca struts her stuff, taking lots time to show off her sexy legs, tootsies and other very ‘formidable assets’…

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen…


This release features a high definition 1080 video. 

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